It's been 10 years. Unbelievable.                                                                                                                             8/21/2020

Well, everyone, today's the big day! This day marks the 10th anniversary of CrazyWare!


CrazyWare was started on August 21, 2010 by Johnathan Jones. It was a small brand that had a couple of games under its belt. Over the years, John has created more games, and the brand has expanded into new areas, such as mods, 3D modeling, and services.


CrazyWare has always strived to create fun, amazing stuff that people will enjoy, and it became successful, as a result. A lot has changed, over the years.


Earlier this year, both the new CrazyWare website and CrazyWare Arcade were launched.

You can learn more, here:


It's unbelievable that it's been 10 YEARS! Time really flies, and it certainly has been a wild journey.


This couldn't have been possible without you guys! Thank you all for your support!


CrazyWare Arcade has been launched!                                                                                                                5/14/2020

Hello, everyone! Here's a special announcement:


CrazyWare Arcade is launching, TODAY! The site is finally finished (some things are still being worked on, though).


Today, all of the details will be revealed:


-There are over 550-600 games available to play! The site has games from every genre. Play games such as Run 3, Garden Tales, AsteroidX, Super Mario Rush, and more!


-The interface/website design is modern, sleek, and beautiful. Most pages have an animated banner, and the site has a lazy loading feature (this means that more elements are loaded, as you scroll down the page).


-CrazyWare Arcade has an online store, where people can buy anything they desire, such as consoles, games, graphics cards, iPhones, and more. There are over 90 products listed, and more will be available.*


-You can rate games, share them with your friends, family, and other people, report them, and comment on them. Some games also allow you to play them in fullscreen mode.


-The mobile version of the site is still under development. Some pages may not load correctly on most mobile devices.


-You can submit your games to CrazyWare Arcade! Just go to the "Submit a Game" page and enter your details.


--The game area is big, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the game. Most sites, like Y8 and Kongregate, have a much smaller display area for the game.*


And now, without further ado, here is the link to the site:


*Some products are linked to other websites. Clicking “Buy Now” will take you to those sites.


*It is recommended that you press F11 to view the site in fullscreen mode. The game area might otherwise be partially obstructed.


More information on CrazyWare Arcade revealed!                                                                                            4/29/2020

Good afternoon, everyone!


As promised three days ago, on Facebook and Twitter, more details on CrazyWare Arcade will be revealed, today!


The site will have about 600 games available, at launch! More games will be added, soon.

Also, there will be an online store, where you can buy anything you want!


More information will be revealed, when the site launches.

Two new YouTube channels have been launched--check them out!                                                                3/11/2020

The new CrazyWare channel has finally been launched. I'm in the process of moving some videos from the old YouTube channel to the new one. This will replace the old channel (its name will be changed to Vortexus98), so please make sure to subscribe to the new CrazyWare channel, and click on the notification bell!


The old channel, now Vortexus98, will be my personal channel. Again, all of the CrazyWare-related videos from this channel will be moved to the new CrazyWare channel. Subscribe to this channel, and click on the bell icon, so you won't miss any new videos!

New website is now live!                                                                                                                                       2/25/2020

Welcome to the new & improved CrazyWare site! Feel free to take a look around! Some of the content from the original site has been moved here, and the old website has been archived. You can download it, here. The site in question,, will be taken down. Changes were made to the social media pages, YouTube channel, and blog.


A little late, but Happy New Year, and may this decade be an amazing one!