The amount of e-mail messages I receive is huge--there are a ton of them that fill my inbox, daily. Most of it is spam, of course, and I have a decent filtering system. Don't leave the subject line empty, when e-mailing me. Enter the topic of your message in the subject line (e.g., "Questions about Lemonade Rush").


If you:

  • Have a question that wasn't covered by the dedicated support sections
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  • Want to discuss any partnerships or collaborations
  • And pretty much anything else

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If you are sending an e-mail message about a problem you're having with a game, mod, program, or something else, make sure you include the following:

  • The exact error message you got.
  • Your PC's processor, graphics card, and operating system (you may need to provide additional specifications, such as the amount of RAM your PC has).
  • The version of the game you're running.
  • Exactly at which point in the game the error occurs (if it's consistent).

The more of the above you include, the easier and faster it will be to track down your problem and hopefully fix it, or at least add it to the list of known bugs.

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